Reinstall OpenBSD 5.7 automatically, perfect for VPS! You don't need a KVM!


What do you need ?


  • A running OpenBSD 5.7 system
  • The source files : sys.tar.gz (kernel) & src.tar.gz (userland) to compile the new ramdisk kernel : bsd.rd
  • Internet connection


Please, first read the man pages : autoinstall(8) and don't forget to make a backup before!



 Step 1 - Get the source files and extract them


 cd /tmp




 tar zxf src.tar.gz -C /usr/src

 tar zxf sys.tar.gz -C /usr/src




 Step 2 - Create the answer file auto_install.conf, and modify at your convenience


 touch /usr/src/distrib/miniroot/auto_install.conf


 Here's a sample :


 Choose your keyboard layout = fr

 System hostname = obsd

 Password for root account = YOUR_PASSWORD_HASH

 Start ntpd(8) by default = y

 What timezone are you in = Indian/Reunion

 Location of sets = http

 HTTP Server =

 Set name(s) = -g* -x* +xb*


 Generate hash for password :


 encrypt -b 8



 Step 3 - add the following line to the file /usr/src/distrib/$(machine)/common/list :


COPY    ${CURDIR}/../../miniroot/auto_install.conf   auto_install.conf




 Step 4 - compile

 cd /usr/src/distrib/special

 make clean

 make obj


 make install


 cd /usr/src/distrib/$(machine)

 make clean

 make obj

 make depend





 Step 5 - install the new ramdisk kernel


 cd /usr/src/distrib/$(machine)/ramdisk_cd/obj/

 cp bsd.rd /


 echo "boot bsd.rd" >> /etc/boot.conf




Enjoy, you will have now a new fresh OpenBSD installed!

© Copyright 2015

contact : wesley [at] mouedine [dot] net